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Aptean Ross ERP

Next-Gen ERP for Recipe- and Formula-Based Manufacturers

Aptean Ross ERP is a next-generation enterprise resource planning system for growing, mid-market food and beverage, specialty chemicals and pharmaceutical/biotech organizations.

It supports and transforms the enterprise with specialized capabilities that reduce costs, increase efficiency, and provide compliance for organizations. Ross has been designed with the best business practices to support your unique requirements and processes.

With Ross, you will also benefit from flexible deployment options, including SaaS and on-premise.


Provide Transparency and Improve Benefits

Operations Management
Ross gives you the information you need, when you need it, without workarounds, to provide transparency of information and improve productivity throughout your enterprise. Ross provides:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) – Have full transparency across all areas of your business including purchasing, inventory, manufacturing, and sales to accurately and easily determine profit and impact change.
  • Recipe- and Formula-Based Specialization – All processes are based on a scalable recipe- or formula-based model to support manufacturing requirements that a traditional bill of material (BOM) does not support.
  • Traceability & Recall – Streamline compliance requirements and recall management with the ability to trace a defective product or lot omnidirectionally.
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  • Cloud-ready software – Experience a lower total cost of ownership, faster adoption, real-time access, and an ability to focus on growing your business instead of managing your technology.
  • Business Intelligence – Access the critical business information you need for fast, informed decision making. Monitor performance, identify trends, display KPIs, and easily configure reports based on your specific Requirements.


Key Features

1. Inventory and Warehouse Management

Effectively manage inventory with real-time inventory visibility, as well as projected inventory balances in the future based on supply and demand.

2. Product Costing and Inventory Valuation

Support commodity-based material costing along with “future” and “what if” costing simulation through product costing and inventory valuation options including standard, weighted, average, and lot actual costs.

3. Action Center

Easily locate key and actionable information through KPI-based graphs with drill-down capabilities. You’ll also benefit from robust error-alerting that is automated and allows you to visually designate the severity of an alert.

Ross ERP interface

4. Quality

Remain quality compliant and easily demonstrate and retrieve quality information in the event of mock recall or audit with robust, built-in quality functionality.

5. Data Collection

Automate materials tracking, improve accuracy and productivity, make receiving and inventory management more efficient, speed shipping, and provide instant shop floor visibility with real-time data collection.

Ross ERP DC Summary

6. Sales & Pricing

Prevent revenue leakage in a competitive environment with the ability to manage pricing, promotions, rebates, discounts, and customer bill backs.


7. Financial Management

Provide transparency, data integrity, and regulatory compliance of your company’s financial position with a single, centralized financial data warehouse, enabling integrated reporting, planning, budgeting, forecasting, and GL analysis.